CLEANUP! Red Carpet!

golden-globes-2014-pipe-burst-floodPipes are literally exploding everywhere in the United States. Not even Versace gowns and perfect weather could keep the red carpet dry. It was a sunny day in L.A. for the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards, and just less than 2 hours before the guests of honor arrived, a pipe burst, pouring 5,000 gallons of water into the area where several journalists were posted with their equipment.
While most people connect bursting pipes with freezing cold temperatures, the incident was reportedly caused when a large light used for video production was positioned too close to a heat sensor, which then tripped the sprinkler system. Could happen anywhere. And does.
Water contains a unique substance that causes it to expand as it freezes. This growth puts extreme pressure on its container, including plastic or metal pipes. No matter how sturdy the material of the container, expanding water can cause pipes to break, in the same way that a can of soda – accidentally left in the freezer – will also explode.
Somewhat surprising, ice forming in a pipe does not classically cause a break where the ice blockage happens. If the water contained in the pipe expands enough, the pipe explodes, water escapes and serious damage is the result. When this damage happens to your property, call the experts at Paul Davis to take care of you.
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