Hazardous Trees Aren’t Always This Cute. In fact, Almost Never.

dogintreeTrees come in all types of different sizes and shapes. Maple trees… Oak trees… Christmas trees… Palm trees… you get it. There are thousands and thousands of different types of trees, and each one of them has proven to be very important to both humans and the environment.
While trees provide considerable benefits to our cities and home, trees have also been known to fall and injure people and damage property. Which can create liabilities. Large ones, at that. Taking care of tree hazards not only makes your property safer, but it can also prolong the life of your tree.
It’s an owner’s responsibility to provide safety for the trees on their property. Recognizing and reducing tree hazards not only increases the safety of your property and that of your neighbors but also improve the tree’s health and may prolong its life!
However when damage does occur due to wind, ice, disease, etc., assessing the damage to your property caused by the tree is best done by a Paul Davis professional.
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