How to Think Like a Criminal

7 - Bandits

The majority of home burglaries are planned Criminals want to keep their time inside of homes to a minimum and look for easily-accessible targets. There isn’t one thing you can do to protect your home 100% of the time, but there are some simple steps that will decrease the likelihood of a break-in.

First, read these facts:

  • In two-person family homes, most invasions occur during the day.
  • Thieves spend an average of one minute gaining entry and less than five minutes inside a home.
  • Most burglaries occur on the first or ground floor.
  • The most common access areas are the rear door, side door, and garage door.

With the knowledge of these facts, look for things that a burglar would in your home. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you windows be opened easily?
  • Do your exterior doors have deadbolts? Can doors be kicked in?
  • When did you last change the keypad code to your garage door?
  • Does your landscaping allow a burglar to conceal himself while attempting to open a door or window?
  • Is your home well lit? Are lights high enough so that burglars can’t disable them?
  • Is your identity displayed anywhere outside your house?
  • Are your valuables secure? Documented? Out of sight?

Following this process will help make your home less attractive to thieves and greatly reduce your chances of becoming a target.