National Home Improvement Month

A home improvement project doesn’t mean you have to remodel your entire house in St Paul. You most likely have a bunch of small repairs and fixes that need to be attended to. There are many advantages to home maintenance, such as adding convenience to your daily life and increasing your home’s value. You also could be facing major problems down the road if you don’t deal with small leaks and other structural problems today.

Take a few minutes to see if your electrical system is up to date. Many older homes don’t have the ability to keep up with the demands of today‚Äôs households. Upgrading your electrical panel will make life in St Paul easier (tired of tripped circuits, anyone?) and may pay for itself in increased resale value.

Another improvement to work on is the plumbing system. Talk to your water department or a trusted plumber to make sure your water pressure is the the proper range. Appliances, pipes, and fixtures can all be damaged by high water pressure. You may also have a water flow issue that can be connected to galvanized pipes that are corroded. Replace your pipes with PEX or copper piping. Completing a repiping project will decrease the likelihood of leaks and improve your water flow.