Safety Tips From National Fire Prevention Week

National Fire Prevention Week will take place on October 5-11, 2014. With this week coming up, Paul Davis Restoration of Greater St. Paul MN would like to provide you with some important safety tips to reduce the chances of residential fires.

The #1 cause of house fires is cooking. Hot oil or grease can flare up in a matter of seconds, so make sure you don’t forget about food on the stove. When cooking, loose clothing can readily catch fire if they contact a hot cooking surface or open flame. An ABC-rated fire extinguisher should be readily accessible in your kitchen.

If a fire should occur anywhere in the home, smoke detectors can save lives and prevent property damage. The National Fire Prevention Association claims that 60% of residential fire fatalities occur in homes with either missing or non-working smoke detectors, according to a report in 2014. The NPFA also states that smoke alarms that fail to operate almost always have missing, disconnected, or dead batteries. Today is the perfect time to test all of your smoke detectors to ensure that they work.

The safety of people in St Paul is our most important priority. In our work, we clean up and repair property damage from fire, smoke, and water from firefighting efforts with the goal of getting homes and businesses back to normal as soon as possible.