The Dangerous Results of a Drought

It’s finally summer, which means that temperatures are rising to scorching levels. While most of us love this kind of weather in St Paul, it has its drawbacks. Hot temperatures lead to droughts that lead to fires.

The news is typically rife with stories of wildfires around the country during this time of year. These fires can consume many acres of land, along with houses and other buildings. These types of fires can occur anywhere and are often unexpected.

Last year was a historically low year for wildfires, but that brings little solace to the families of 19 firefighters that lost their lives while fighting the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona. This fire was ignited when lightning struck dry ground near Yarnell, Arizona. Because of drought and high temperatures, the fire spread unpredictably. These brave firefighters were overrun and killed by this dangerous wildfire.

It’s important for homeowners to monitor of local wildfires and drought levels. To accomplish this, use these reference websites:

Drought Monitor –
USDA Forest Service Fire Mapping –

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