First Priority in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Paul Davis First Priority® Program works with businesses to assist during unpredictable and catastrophic occasions like fires, floods, and storms that can harm properties and disrupt operations with little warning. Paul Davis created the program specifically to assist businesses to restore facilities, maintain revenue streams and get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

If a catastrophe hits your property, you need to act fast and want to get your property cleaned up and restored. Fortunately, we offer a free restoration contingency solution for property managers, facility directors, risk managers and insurance carriers.  First Priority program follows four steps that are personalized to your specific business needs:

  1. Pre-Loss Planning: When your business joins the program, our professionals meet along with your team to layout a personalized plan that will help minimize loss and damage should disaster strike. Paul Davis experts will train your employees on what to do in an emergency, at no cost to you.
  2. Business Continuity Planning:  First Priority professionals develop detailed plans to keep your business open and operating smoothly for the duration of the mitigation and restoration process – a crucial step in retaining employees and customers trust while assisting long-period business health.
  3. Expedited Mitigation Response: Our team of mitigation professional experts is ready to take action quickly to avoid further damage. Your First Priority Account Manager begins working with you rapidly if a disaster strikes.
  4. Single Source Accountability: You deal with one source for all restoration needs. Our team deploys a centralized system to standardize response and uphold exceptional communication.
  5. Multi-Site Planning and Response: If needed, our team manages emergency needs across your organization, working with property managers and facilities directors at each site.

Some of the highlights of the First Priority Program include:

  • Personal Account Managers
  • Pre-loss planning
  • Consultation with your insurance carrier
  • Contents (textiles, documents, fixtures, computers, electronics) cleaning and restoration

With First Priority, you can work with you to ensure that your business is prepared for disasters before they occur. To prevent future damage, facilitate disaster recovery, and minimize loss of revenue, we’ll proactively create a customized plan. By creating a game plan, you make sure that your company gets back to its original state as quick as possible with little interruption to your daily operations.

It’s not a question of whether disaster will strike; it’s a question of when. Get ready now and enjoy peace of mind if disaster strikes. Join the Paul Davis First Priority® Program today!

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