Greater MSP COVID-19 Services

Paul Davis Restoration vision of providing extraordinary care while serving our communities in their time of need, is truly tested during this time of uncertainty. WE ARE READY! Our team is passionate about restoring peace and order in the lives of those who have been affected by unplanned chaos. We have rarely seen a case where THIS many people around us are experiencing that type of chaos and we are here to provide a valuable service that can directly impact both the physical threat of Coronavirus, as well as the psychological (fear) threat.

Our team will be providing a cleaning and disinfecting service to new and existing clients at a market rate and we will NOT take advantage of our community in their time of need. We will be billing either by the square foot, or a time & material rate, as laid out in our price guide.

  • Disinfecting service: Using an ultra-low volume fogger to apply disinfectant. This is appropriate for spaces with regularly cleaned surfaces. (Likely many of our condo, apartment, school and office building clients.)
  • Cleaning & disinfecting service: Hand cleaning of high-traffic surfaces, such as doorknobs, elevator and door access panels, handrails, etc, as well as horizontal surfaces. (Additional detailed cleaning may be provided as requested by the client.) We will then fog everything with the disinfectant. The intent is to remove soiling from surfaces so that when we apply the disinfectant, it is killing germs/viruses on the clean surface, not the dirt/dust/debris/etc.
  • If we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the building, we will treat the job like a trauma job. Our hourly rate will match the current rates for trauma clean up.

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See video for more info on our services: