Paul Davis Customer Testimonials

  “We contacted Jacklyn Christian on a Sunday when my parents living room ceiling came crashing down due to a broken water pipe. She was able to contact the weekend emergency crew and within a few short hours they were at my mom and dad‘s cleaning up the mess. Within that time, we were set up with a care coordinator who we could contact anytime with any questions or concerns. She answered each and everyone of our phone calls and was able to get us the right answers to all of our questions, never leaving us wondering what will happen next. The mitigation crew and management were fantastic to work with. My parents felt so much stress lifted after the mitigation crew did a great job removing the mess and dried out the moisture. I highly recommend this company. They are all incredibly professional and very helpful, and understand how stressful and traumatic a situation like this can be.” – Bob R.

“We had a great experience with Paul Davis. They responded to all of our concerns promptly and the work was done very quickly. Even though our repair wasn’t a huge project, the Project Manager checked in throughout the process and made sure everything was being done correctly. They definitely took their time and made us feel like they truly cared about our home and our repair. They did an awesome job. I was truly impressed with their work and customer service. I would highly recommend Paul Davis!” – Aubrey H.

The company was awesome to us. I can’t express enough the superior customer service that the employees collecting and returning our belongings brought to the situation. I don’t remember a lot about the collection of belongings at the time of the fire, but I do know that when it came time to return the seemingly 500 boxes, those guys were AWESOME!!!!!! Friendly, helpful and prepared. – James J.

“Very professional crew. Care for my property and respectful of it. Courteous and hard working” – Daniel H.

“You responded quickly, assessed the issues and discussed with me before explaining the plan to mitigate the water issue in a wood flooring. Your solution was effective and quick resolving the issue within 24 hours.” – Gary & Lorrie L.

Arrived 1/2 hr after initial call, assessed, and started the work the same night working until 130 am. Back the next day with a clean up crew. Two days later finished up the deconstruction. Empathetic workers. Managers who communicate good. – Julie E.

“This is such a great company! Paul Davis company was absolutely amazing. their employees are great! I lost my house in a house fire and they took care of everything with no worries to us. They cleaned what they could and saved it for when we could get a house and when we did they delivered it to us in a very timely manner. if I had questions and they didn’t have it , they would definitely get it for me right away . this is a truly wonderful company and all their employees are absolutely amazing! Thank you Paul Davis!” – Joe & Sandra F.

“My experience with Paul Davis has been exceptional. The commitment to customer focus and communication was one of the best experiences I have been involved with. Even though this was a very difficult and stressful situation, Paul Davis minimized the stress. 10/10 in my book!!” – Richard & Brittany T.

“The Paul Davis team that helped with all of the damages, sanitization and removal was outstanding. They were kind, thorough and professional. I feel so much better now that they have been here and took care of everything!” – Brittani B.