Ellyn’s Testimonial

Recently, we completed work for a customer who saw fit to contact our General Manager to offer her feedback. Her letter is included below.

Dear Mr. Seiffert,
I had the unfortunate experience of a faulty water heater causing significant issues for me related to condensation, mold and contents destruction in my home last Fall. To say that I was devastatingly shocked and disappointed is an extreme understatement. Virtually everything was ruined and to top it off, our home was for sale!
As they say in any negative experience there is always a silver lining and that silver lining in this experience was being fortunate enough to find the Paul Davis Company through Chubb Insurance. There are truly not enough positive superlatives to describe what we encountered but here are a few: Honesty, straight-forwardness, integrity, dependability, creativity, kindness, empathy, compassion, understanding, I could
go on and on.
I sell residential real estate for a living and often find myself during a listing or sale in the midst of dealing with vendors on behalf of the Buyers or Sellers. I have never encountered professionals like I did at Paul Davis. For example:
Nick Seefert, the first person I met, a professional from head to toe. I counted on Nick for a lot and he
never let me down. He was excellent at describing the process we would be going through, was prompt in
returning calls, emails and texts, available after hours and on the weekends. Nick is a magnificent face of
your organization, I trusted him completely.
Trevor Hicks was our Project Manager.. I counted on Trevor’s updates and he never disappointed me. Even
when there wasn’t an update, Trevor called to let me know that too, he was amazing!

Joe Nystrom, our project coordinator. Joe did a great job of making sure everyone was on the same page and I
knew the roles everyone played, another fabulous team player.

Angela Anderson, the Contents Estimator. I have never met a kinder, more organized and knowledgeable
employee at any place of business than Angela Anderson. You are so fortunate to have someone like her in
your organization, I hope our paths cross again, Angela is incredibly trustworthy and likeable, I can not say
enough, she’s a renassaince woman and I would imagine could fill almost any role at Paul Davis.

David Lewandowski, another Project Manager. I would describe David as the male Angela. He is the single
kindest man I have ever met in a professional setting. You hired well when you hired David, he is one heck of a
human being.

Josh Heinl, mitigation, ….. another gem, how do you do it??? Either you make the world’s best hires or only the
best want to work for your company.
To say my experience was stellar, doesn’t even come close, nor does thank you, but thank you will have to do.

All the best,

Ellyn W

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